Mandarin Community 新公社

Your community for learning Chinese

Who We Are

Mandarin Community is a community of dedicated learners who support one another and develops opportunities for students to learn what it takes to be successful in China. We go beyond just teaching Chinese to our students and teach important China life skills as well.

Our Commitment and Values

We offer unique classes with flexibility to meet student needs. Classes are bespoke to student requirements and our small group classes won’t exceed four students.

We operate on a foundation of core values that includes choosing to do the right thing and that means paying our teachers a fair wage.

Mandarin Community is dedicated to treating all clients and staff with respect. We aim to treat everyone how we want to be treated.

Get in Touch

Mandarin Community 新公社
212 W Beijing Rd, Shanghai China
+86-131-2294-0483 (call, text or FaceTime)

Business Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 8am-9pm

Friday: 8am-6pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9am-6pm

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