Mandarin Community is a Chinese Language and Culture Center located near People’s Square in Shanghai, China.

Learn Chinese in Shanghai

We offer one on one Chinese classes or small group classes not exceeding four students.

Our Chinese classes are flexible in order to meet student needs.  Our Chinese classes are bespoke to meet student requirements.

Mandarin Community teachers do their own lesson planning according to student requirements instead of relying on “one size fits all” software.

Our Chinese teachers are certified professionals with loads of experience and have all undergone the Mandarin Community teacher training course. They are all native Chinese speakers.

Learn Chinese for daily life, HSK preparation, Business Chinese, or any other special topic you may need.

Mandarin Community frequently hosts Chinese culture events such as; movie nights, book club meetings, dumpling making classes, Mahjong night, Chinese drinking games night, and much more! If you have an idea for an event you’d like to see us do, let us know!

Learn chinese online

We guarantee the same high quality for our online classes as our face to face classes.

Online Mandarin classes are perfect for students who don’t have time to commute to our Shanghai campus or are living abroad, but want to learn authentic, up to date Chinese from native speakers.

Learn Chinese anytime, anywhere without leaving your home or office!

Why Mandarin Community is the best

Mandarin Community is confident that you will be satisfied with our classes and we back that up with a money back guarantee.

Mandarin Community is founded on the principles of integrity in all we do, do the right thing, and treat all with respect, fairness, and equality.

We’ve developed our own course work that allows for students to learn practical Chinese that will aid them in daily life, but also sets you on a course to take the HSK later if your needs change.

Mandarin Community organizes a wide range of fun and educational cultural events to help Shanghai expats make friends and learn about China. When you join Mandarin Community, you get a new family in Shanghai!

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Mandarin Community 新公社
218 W Beijing Rd, Shanghai China
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Business Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 8am-9pm

Friday: 8am-6pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9am-6pm

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