Movie Night!

Come join us on Wednesday nights for a movie. On July 10th, we’ll be showing a Chinese comedy from 2017 called Duckweed. It tells the story of a young man who enjoys racing sports cars in the narrow streets of his small village and then gets into an accident that causes him to travel back in time. He gets to meet a much younger, cooler version of his father and the mother he never knew. The acting is good and the story itself is both moving and funny.

The best part? Mandarin Community teachers will prepare some learning materials ahead of time for you to use while enjoying the movie so you can also improve your Chinese! We’ll turn on the English subtitles too, just in case.

This event is free and we encourage you to bring friends. However, it would be helpful if interested parties could please RSVP either directly to the school or via our “Shanghai New in Town Meetup Group.”

Contact us via our official WeChat (QR code in the photo above) or call 131-2294-0483. We look forward to meeting you!

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