Summer Language Workshop

Mandarin Community is pleased to announce our Summer Chinese Language Workshop! We’ve put together a really practical program for adult learners with options for online Chinese classes, or on site Chinese lessons. We have group Chinese classes or one-on-one Chinese lessons.

Of course, because of Covid-19, we weren’t able to do this exactly how we wanted, but we’ve adjusted and overcome! Our online options include small group classes (maximum of 6 people) or the one-on-one Chinese class option. Our onsite option only extends to one-on-one classes, unfortunately due to current rules in Shanghai about “large gatherings,” we aren’t able to run the group classes on site and we can’t predict when or if that rule will change.

Our sessions are scheduled to run in two week long periods, but you can do longer if that’s just not enough for you! If you sign up for more than one session, contact us about a discount.

We’ve got a great team of teachers and support staff waiting to meet you! Don’t believe me? Check out our reviews on Smart Shanghai or contact us to schedule a free trial lesson.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any other questions!

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