How to Use Taobao Like a Pro

Taobao app icon

Taobao is the most popular Chinese online shopping app and it’s amazing! The Chinese have a saying that “there’s nothing you can’t find on Taobao, only things you didn’t know existed.” Lots of foreigners in China also enjoy the use of this app, but the app is available only in Chinese. There are services such as Baopals where you can pay extra to have a Chinese person help you find the item you need, but we don’t need to be so helpless! Learning how to use Taobao really isn’t that difficult.

Chen Laoshi and I made a video discussing how to use Taobao. You can open your app and follow along! If this still isn’t enough information for you and you’re in Shanghai, you can join us for our FREE Taobao class on 9 May at 2pm.

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