How to Order Jian Bing

Eight years ago when I first came to Shanghai, I came to do a master’s degree.  Now when people ask me why I’m still here, the answer is obviously Jian Bing.  Jian Bing is the most delicious thing in the world. No one can change my mind.  If you haven’t tried it before, I feel sorry for you, but I want to help you out.  Below is the vocabulary you’ll need to order a delicious Jian Bing on your own.  Be aware that most Jian Bing stands are closed down by 9-10am in the morning on the weekdays, and stay open only until about 10-11am on weekends.  If you can’t force yourself to get up that early, I have a recommendation for you: On the corner of HaiFang rd and XiKang rd (海防路与西康路)there is a permanent Jian Bing shop that is open all day called He Tai Ji (何太吉). At He Tai Ji, the Jian Bing is a bit fancier and you can even get one with the wrap made out of spinach and you can feel like you’ve made a healthy choice! Enjoy! 

Glorious Jian Bing

Ingredients: 配料 pèi liào 

煎饼 jiān bǐng  Jian Bing 

鸡蛋 jī dàn  Egg 

香肠 xiāng cháng  Sausage 

辣酱 là jiàng Spicy sauce 

榨菜 zhà cài  Tuber vegetables, the yellow salted pickles 

香菜 xiāng cài  Cilantro 

脆饼 cuì bǐng  “Crunchy cracker”  (the crunchy, deep fried thing in the middle)

油条 yóu tiáo  “oil stick” (deep fried dough)

甜面酱 tián miàn jiàng The brown sauce (what it’s made of is a mystery, probably best not to know)

Useful Phrases:

我要一个煎饼 wǒ yào yī gè jiān bǐng  I’d like one Jian bing 

多加一个鸡蛋 duō jiā yī gè jī dàn  Add an extra egg. 

放油条 / 脆饼 fàng yóu tiáo / cuì bǐng  Put an oil stick / crunchy cracker

半个脆饼就可以了 bàn gè cuì bǐng jiù kě yǐ le  Just half of a “crunchy cracker” is enough 

不要放辣酱/香菜/榨菜 bù yào fàng là jiàng/ xiāng cài / zhà cài  Don’t add spicy sauce / cilantro / tuber vegetables 

少放点辣酱 shǎo fàng diǎn là jiàng  Don’t put so much spicy sauce 

多放点辣酱 duō fàng diǎn là jiàng Add extra spicy sauce

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