One Perfect Day in Shanghai

The first thing to do is eat a Jian Bing. Check our article below to learn how to order Jian Bing and to get a recommendation on a great Jian Bing shop that’s open all day. Jian Bing, in case you didn’t know is an amazing Chinese breakfast food. Usually it’s only available until 9am or 10am so don’t sleep in and miss it! If you do, head to the shop recommended in our article below. Jian Bing can usually be found in any residential neighborhood. If you’re staying at a hotel in a big commercial area, ask your concierge for a recommendation. Expect it to cost 6-10RMB, a bit more if you go to He Tai Ji.

Jian Bing Stall

Next, head over to the Shanghai Propaganda Museum. This museum is a private collection of propaganda posters from the early days of the People’s Republic of China. The posters and other memorabilia are largely communist in nature. It’s a very interesting look into China’s recent history and the events that have shaped the Chinese people. The museum is open 10am-5pm every day and is located at Rm K 7F East Tower,Hua Min Han Zhen International,726 Yan An Xi Rd Shanghai. Budget about 90 minutes for this visit. See the website for more information.

From the museum, start meandering over towards the French Concession area. I recommend heading towards Changshu Rd subway stop and just going down any road that looks interesting. Changle road, Anfu road, Wu Yuan road, Wulumuqi road are all nice streets to walk down and enjoy the beauty of the French Concession. The streets are tree lined and there are interesting shops and cafes all over. For lunch, I recommend Boom Boom Bagels (western food, great coffee) or Julie’s (Chinese food from Yunnan province). Julie’s is located at #45 Anfu Road and Boom Boom Bagles is right next door. Check our Youtube channel for our “ordering in Chinese at a Restaurant” series to learn some phrases for ordering food!

The former French Concession tree-lined streets in Shanghai, China

After lunch, catch a cab to the West Bund. The West Bund has lots to do – You can check out one of Shanghai’s biggest art Museums, go for a walk along the river front or check out the free outdoor rock climbing wall. The Long Museum is located at 3398 Longteng Avenue and whether or not you go to the museum, this is the best place to start exploring the area. In the park behind the museum you can find acrobats practicing (mostly on the weekends), people doing yoga, a skate board park, and people flying kites, walking dogs or running. There are some interesting buildings/remnants of shipyard equipment, between this and all the activity, this is a great place for photography.

Shanghai’s West Bund

After walking around the West Bund, if you feel so inclined, head home to shower and change (or don’t because we’re pretty casual in Shanghai). For dinner, I recommend Heritage by Madison on the touristy part of the Bund. It’s located at 600 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, Bldg N1, Room 107. The food here is North American and totally delicious. It’s a higher end place so expect to spend around 300rmb/person. There’s outdoor seating so if you opted to not go home and freshen up you can sit outside so you don’t stink up the place.

Heritage by Madison

Not far from Heritage by Madison is Shanghai’s best night view of the skyline. Head over to the Hyatt on the Bund to enjoy the view from Vue Bar on the 32nd floor. The address is 199 Huangpu road. There’s a cover charge of 100rmb/person but it includes a drink. Once inside, all the drinks are about 100rmb each anyway so they’re basically just ensuring everyone buys a drink instead of only going up there to enjoy the view. Try to arrive before 9pm so you can get a table. Call ahead to check the hours because business hours have been reduced since Covid outbreak started.

Vue Bar Patio

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