Meet Our New Teachers!

Xu Jing Jing

            Xu Laoshi has been teaching Chinese since 2009 and has taught in the US (including in prisons!) at Vassar College, SUNY, and at the UN. She is currently working on her dissertation for her PhD in Chinese linguistics.  Xu Laoshi is from Shanghai but did her second masters degree and her PhD in the US. Her hobbies include reading, learning Japanese and politics! Xu Laoshi enjoys teaching Chinese because of the way learning Chinese enriches the lives of her students and it is exciting to see how they go on to apply it in their careers.  She has worked with students of all levels and many of her students have gone on to become Chinese teachers themselves! During her time teaching Chinese to prison inmates in New York, those students were some of the most diligent students she’s ever had and they inspired her to pursue her PhD. The inmate students made Xu Laoshi realize that “it’s never to late to learn something new, no matter how old you are or where you are.”

Wang Ye 

            Wang Laoshi is from Dalian (the pinnacle of standard Mandarin!) and got his degree in teaching Chinese as a second language from Dalian Polytechnic University.  He has been teaching foreign students since 2017 and has found it to be very rewarding, especially when his students do well on the HSK!  Wang Laoshi is a very friendly, outgoing guy who loves to share Chinese language and culture, as well as the modern Chinese lifestyle.  His hobbies include cycling, swimming and reading. 

Ling Xiao 

            Ling Xiao is from Shanghai and began teaching Chinese in 2015 after feeling unfulfilled in his past job, he decided to respond to a strong calling to the field of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. He loves talking to his students about Chinese history and culture, as well as football and basketball which are his main hobbies. Ling Laoshi is a very patient person who never gets frustrated with his students.  He especially loves teaching beginners and never gets tired of reviewing basic Chinese grammar and pinyin.  Ling Laoshi is also a very funny guy who brings humor to his teaching style and he’s very good at using a more “western method” of keeping his classes relaxed and fun. 


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