About Us

Mandarin Community is more than just a school to learn Chinese. Mandarin Community is a community of Chinese learners and teachers who work together to support each other’s learning journey.  Learning Chinese is just the beginning for any foreigner who wants to build a life in China – there is so much more to it than that!  Mandarin Community is here to provide opportunities to students to learn what it takes to be a successful expat in China.  This ranges from offering a wider variety of Chinese classes than you usually find at a Mandarin school to organizing lectures on relevant life skills such as how to find a job in China. We also host fun events such as movie nights and trips. Additionally, our group classes are no more than 4 students so as to maximize student participation and ensure high quality instruction while still allowing ample opportunity to learn from each other. For short term visitors we provide courses that contain the exact information needed to have a smooth stay in China, while still developing the understanding needed to form deeper connections with the people you will meet here.  

The Facilities

Our school currently contains 7 classrooms and a common area. Our small classrooms are outfitted to hold 1-3 students and a teacher. The bigger classrooms are set up to seat 4-6 students. You’ll see in the photos below that the school features some fantastic photography that was kindly donated to us by some very gifted local photographers.

Our Staff

Yang Laoshi: Yang Qiu Zhi is a native of Shandong and graduated from Qufu Normal University with a degree in Chinese Literature and Language. She has been teaching Chinese to foreigners for more than 5 years and is one of the founders of Mandarin Community. She has worked with students from more than 100 countries and prides herself on being able to anticipate with startling accuracy the things that foreign students will struggle with when learning Chinese.

Chen Laoshi: Chen Laoshi is from Shanghai and graduated from Fudan University with a double major in Business English and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. She’s been teaching Chinese for nearly 10 years! Chen Laoshi has made contributions to text books, Chinese language learning apps and is uniquely qualified to teach Business Chinese.

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